AMT Associates Facilitation
Our goal is to cultivate rich conversations and activate decision-making. The process of strategic facilitation enables engaging discourse towards alignment and forward movement of issues facing the business and the team.

The process involves collaborating on designing an effective agenda which will expeditiously command attention and engagement, resulting in consensus around a path forward.

Graphic Facilitation

Did you know that more than 65% of people learn visually?
Our facilitation process powerfully integrates graphic facilitation to engage all learning modalities.

We use interactive graphics to break down silos, neutralize productivity blocks, and facilitate more effective decision-making.

Anne Marie Turnbull is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

Examples of the types of meetings we have facilitated:

  • Global business team’s annual planning offsite
  • Joint Board/Management strategic planning session
  • A global functional team’s planning session following an organizational restructuring
  • A strategic offsite for a leadership team and their direct reports to identify and plan initiatives to deliver the annual plan
  • A joint union-management committee with a history of conflict and friction needed to create a collaborative path forward

We can work together to design an effective agenda that commands attention and interactivity, finding the best path towards forward momentum and future growth.