Executive Coaching

We all have untapped talent and potential. Coaching is an opportunity to tap into and unleash your hidden talents.

Making the choice to dedicate yourself to reflection and action can help you succeed. Through our coaching methods, we help you reveal what is important to you and refocus your energy and attention to achieve measurable personal and professional growth. Executive coaching integrates your personal and professional life into the coaching equation to maximize coaching impact.

Transform into a more fulfilling state, find joy and passion for what you do in work and in life, and teach yourself how to stretch beyond your comfort zone.

We Offer:

  • New Leader Coaching
  • Developmental Coaching
  • Executive Thought-Partner Coaching
  • Transition Coaching

Team Coaching

Communication and quality conversations are the key to building successful teams.

Increasing the quality of the conversations within the team and among team members with team coaching can deliver enhanced team effectiveness by changing the way the team works together.

Through powerful discussions and activities, we facilitate the kind of interaction that improves and builds upon team members working together optimally.

Through powerful questions, unwavering support, a commitment to growth, and our deep compassion and sense of humour, we are dedicated to clients transforming themselves and their results.

A certified executive coach (CEC), and a Certified Visual Coach, Anne Marie is passionate about the transformative nature of coaching and the potential of a coaching culture to achieve truly sustainable results.

Open and engaging, Anne Marie partners with clients to discover and liberate untapped potential in order to reach higher levels of personal and professional achievement. She establishes a safe, non-judgmental space to have the conversations critical to personal growth. Her signature results-focused coaching includes powerful questioning, genuine affirmation and a deep commitment to her clients’ success.